Heather Curtis

Heather Curtis

Julie at 3 A.M.

Artistry Ltd.

Coffee house folk from Atlanta. I find it increasingly difficult to say things about records like this. I applaud the artist and her drive to put out a record of her songs. But there has to be more than drive to make a record that someone wants to listen to. I am certainly not in favor of generic pop star product devoid of any identity, but I fear we are coming to a point where we have generic indie and DIY product devoid of any identity. It’s bad when you find yourself saying, “Damn all these people putting out their own records all sound alike.” To Heather Curtis, I’m sure you are a beautiful, talented, person. And in all honesty, your record wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it had some real heartfelt songs, but it comes on the heels of countless albums that feature a girl poet and her guitar, and the differences in them is minimal. But for fans of this sound, you may well want to check out Heather Curtis. Artistry Ltd., 510 Edgewood Ave. #1, Atlanta, GA 30312

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