New Skool and Old Flavour


Nothing too progressive or fancy, just some pretty strong rockin’ dance music with some familiar sounding samples and beats for the first three or four songs. Then we start to venture into the darkest side of house music alive: gay bar stylie. Yes, it is true. Anyone who descends on gay clubs in FL is well aware of the generic house sound that is easy to dance to when you’re drunk, but you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to under any other circumstance. Too many goddamned female vocalists and gospel-esque samples, with bridges and breaks de queso (I’m talking Velveeta here, baby). A little flavoring of some house music with that OVER-PRODUCED acid jazz vocalist thing going on. The end of the disc tries to regain your attention by going back to straight-ahead house action, but by that point you’re probably ready to dawn a rainbow flag. If you like that sound, this is the disc 4U. 2QT 2B STR8 IRMAmerica, 214 W 29th St., Suite 1002, New York, NY 10001

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