I can’t begin to understand the journey traveled to produce such raw emotion, nor do I plan to walk in those shoes. Regardless, this IS power. I sat watching the ceiling decay above me as Anhedoniac pulsed out at a near deaf level. Each track penetrated my mind, body, and soul in a way that can only be experienced. If you picked up Sacrificial Cake, then you have the “folk album.” Those are roughly Jarboe’s own words when describing this release. That’s putting it mildly. It is nothing I have heard before, and can only compare it to Jarboe singing “I Crawled” on Swans Are Dead. I am left speechless. Anhedoniac is anhedoniac. Jarboe is only pressing 1500 copies of this album, and it’s limited to those twenty-one and over. The reason behind the age restriction is the artwork: photos of a nude (hauntingly disturbed at that) Jarboe taken by Richard Kern. To make it a little bit more of a “challenge,” Jarboe is self-releasing this one, so you’ll need to go to the Web page to pre-order it. BUY IT! ‘Nuff said. http://www.swans.pair.com

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