Laddio Bollocko

Laddio Bollocko

In Real Time


After the first track, I knew I’d heard the most rock-solid drummer since original Jesus Lizard beatbox Mac McNeilly. After the second track, I thought the album was over — complication and a trance-like time expansion. After the third track, I knew that Laddio Bollocko was not just a pounding, intricate force, inexorable as the force of gravity, but also something quite capable of preserving complexity and power within a more serene atmosphere. After the fourth track, my perilous interstellar journey was over and I had been safely deposited in the Arizona desert. After the fifth back, that annoying crick in my neck was gone, and my fern was showing signs of resuscitation. The sixth track is hard to recall, but it was somewhat like examining the texture of a wall, painted an interesting color. Hungarian, P.O. Box 132, Elka Park, NY 12427

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