Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz



Tops in my book. What?! David Lee Beowülf, who likes so much death metal and punk rock digs Lenny Kravitz?

Sure, I like lots of music! I really like what Lenny Kravitz does, he mixes funk with interesting electronics (“Black Velveteen” is going to make a hell of a house track) and has an amazing pop sensibility. When all the other “stars” out there are trying to get minimalist and deep into the lyrics, he sticks to the rock guitars and the richness of his natural talent for making powerful pop music. Most of the album (thirteen songs) is powerful, psychedelic pop-funk. There’s a bit of dreamy, ethereal stuff, as well as a couple of love songs to his ex-wife, Lisa Bonet.

I have no more to say, as he’s going to be on the cover of the slicks soon enough just because he’s who he is.

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