Look My Way


Aggressive NYHC and rapcore with ties to some of the elder statesmen of HC, Agnostic Front. Madball really need no introduction, they’ve toured the world a few times, made their presence known and refuse to forget the streets from which they came.

All of the songs have classic street core titles like “Moment of Truth” and “Waste of Time.” The kind of songs that make you want to scream out “muthafucka” at the end of every verse! “Pushin’ Me,” muthafucka?! “Cut Off,” muthafucka! “False Threats,” muthafucka! See what I mean…

Look, muthafucka, oops, it’s addicting, I tell you! This music is about strength, it’s about the strength to continue doin’ what your doin’ and never backing down, that’s the “Lesson of Life,” muthafucka! Even if you say “Been There, Done That,” muthafucka, all you hardcore muthafuckas will love this high-quality piece of HC.

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