Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet



Dave Wyndorf and Co. have been putting out music since the early 90’s. Their form of ‘Sabbath’ style rock has improved with each of their four reicords. While none of the albums have the raw sound of “Spine of God,” their debut, each one has followed the same formula of: Power, Satan, and Drugs, and the best rock cliches around.. “Powertrip” follows that formula and also throws in a few surprises.

On first single, “Space Lord,” Dave Wyndorf (lead vocalist,guitarist,lyricist) boasts “I ate all the rest and now I gotta eat you,” and on “Bummer” he brags “If you wanna spank your demons and make ’em pay, baby, I’m your man of the hour. Some people go to bed with lucifer, and cry when they don’t wake up with god, woo-hoo.”

Some of the surprises encountered were the ‘surf) style guitar used on ” 19 Witches,” and the organ used on “See you in Hell.” Wyndorf seems to get a little political with the latter when he describes a drug induced relationship with a woman that develops into the murder of their child. On the song “Tractor,” Wyndorf digs into his bag of cliche’, big time. Lots of “woo-hogs,” “yeah’s” and “ahhhh yeahhhs,” while saying “I gotta knife in my back, and a hole in my arm, I’m driving a tractor on the drug farm.”

Tony Iommi’s influence comes out loud and clear on “Goliath and the Vampires.” If vou are familiar with “E5 l 50,” from “The Moh Rules-” then vou should enjoy this one. Lots of devil sounds and female sounds. Please do not confuse my comparisons with insults. This is a very fine record and should receive a lot of airtime on AOR radio.

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