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MT Minds

MT For Life

Get ready to shake that butt. With a few new players in the lineup, MT Minds returns with a cocky, good-time boast of an EP that should put any gathering into a funked-up mode. “Groove” kicks off the party with a playful jam that benefits from the hyperactive skin-tending of Stevel Knievel on drums. MC Stonehenge lays down a force-field of gritty guitar and chucks out some hippy-dippy wah as MC Cheez keeps time on the bass and raps “Groove is in the house you know/and you can feel it with a bass at your chest.” “On The Dope Side” is a slow-burn grind about what to do when there’re “no buds, no babes, no thoughts to be thinkin’.” DJ Time cuts in some old school L.A. scratching over angst-ridden lyrics like “Dropped out, pissed off, riding out our luck/living for today because tomorrow may suck.” MC Cheez embodies the typical pot-smoking, poontang-huntin’ Beastie Boy on “Spawn,” as he patters out his hedonistic list of excesses. The song smokes in a loose and sexy way thanks in part to the pseudo-industrial mixes of DJ Time and the savagely executed solos of Stonehenge. The latter chills out with some R&B licks on the suggestive frottage of “Pretty Girls” before the whole track leaps into a muted speed-metal mode. Though tight, there’s a “one-take” feeling that pervades every track. Closing the CD is the War-like “Jah” that brings DJ Time to the forefront, scrambling vinyl over a laid-back rhythm. “Don’t rush to judgment too soon/you’ve got to leave it up to Jah to choose” is the message that winds this party down. Five songs is but a warm-up, thank God for “repeat.” MT Minds, 2422 E. Jefferson Street, Orlando, FL 32803

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