15 Levels of Magnification

Ninja Tune

Meet the dark side of trip hop. Neotropic is rockin’ a steady slow methodology puts you into a trance and takes you places.

This is a brilliant album with a smashing groove, rich, heavy, and full of deep soul. Different from what I heard her do live, only because the beats are more prevalent on the CD. Still the trippiest dissection of hopin’ beats and ambient tones today. Nothing on the album is over-produced or sell-outish at all. Totally underground and deservedly so.

The cuts are all original: “Laundry Pt. 1” is totally ambient; “La Centinela” is tribal funky with electro-whipped topping; the title cut is cyber-gothic androidian — totally electric hoping dark beats. There’s even a little acid jazz and dub too. These sounds are repeated throughout the album. Each tasty flavor is equally solid and smokin.’ Inclusion of tablas and Asian samples throughout the album is a definite plus, enriching the soil with some organic audio action. Amazing production all around. Gorgeous music.

Incredibly creative, innovative, and fresh. The perfect combination of ambient and beat, dark and light, electro/organic. Ninja Tune, 1751 Richardson, Suite 6109, Montreal, Quebec H3K 1G6;

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