Good, hard-hitting rock that hits all sorts of styles from the pulsating, psychedelic metal that Faith No More was doing to White Zombie to songs that sound a bit like Led Zeppelin. Certainly, taking a look at the lyrics, Neurotica is focused on some sort of wild, metallic eroticism -and they have long hair, so the babes must line up in droves!

Getting further into the lyrics, the songs on Seed all talk about conquering lovers and making your own destiny, like on “Invisible Path,” a raging tune about taking action with your life and, like all the Neurotica songs, it’s chock full of powerful beats and great guitar solos. Songs like “Now!” and “Mink” have that interesting, longing, barefoot metal feel — if you can imagine yourself at a daytime biker metal show and the babes start disrobing… The music stays intense, but everything’s so inviting… maybe it’s the mushrooms. “Free” is the most haunting tune on the album, more shrooms, has to be… And then this explosion of intensity! For you hard rockers who love guitar solos and fascinating music that draws you in, check out Neurotica. NMG Entertainment, 1800 Second Street, Suite 712, Sarasota, FL 34236

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