Noise Therapy

Noise Therapy



True Story: I come home after a typically jerk-fighting day at the office and what are they playing on the radio? They’re playing that stupid soft-rap cover of “Killing Me Softly.” First of all, what the hell is my favorite radio station doing playing that absolute shit? I had to act quickly, changing the station would offer no relief since New York radio is the worst in the world! A-ha! Time to check out this Noise Therapy CD!

Immediately my mood changed, my frustration turned to cool, directed anger. Noise Therapy gave me exactly what I needed: hard-rockin’, head-banging funky metal. Never mind that the first song is called “Losermagnet,” I felt 100% better and totally relieved as my mind came to order. The next song, “What Kind of Freak,” reminded me of all the jerky women who walk by me with their heads bowed down towards the ground. Am I that ugly? Hey! I’m talking to you! “Rearrange Myself” continued the banging rage, but I began to piece together a plan for getting even. “Hey Buster” is what I wanted to say to slow-walking jerk I’d encounter — right before I put my fist in their face! And “Face Down” is what they’d be. What an amazing album! It captured my mood perfectly and in order!

So check out these tattooed dudes from Vancouver, maybe your day will turn out right, just like mine!

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