This is the shit. I cannot stop listening to this motherfucker. The man behind the muzeek here is SPON, and this cat has laid down the most spiritual and earth shaking jungle/dub work that I have ever heard.

Rapid beats, deep basslines, organic grooves. I stress the word organic, because Earthlights captures the essence of soulicity. All of the cuts have a natural, almost acoustic vibe (although it is definitely not acoustic) that links up with your inner soul.

The disc gets rockin with “Babel” a Jungle influenced, hard-Dub piece with vocal work and mesmerizing basslines. Next up is “Let’s Fuck It Up,” with tight rockin’ beats that speed your ear drum into a frenzy. “The Oohs” opens with beautiful ambient female vocal samples that progress to introductory beats, and then gets totally natural with some classical Indian drumming on tablas, which is then mixed with more Jungle beats. All of the songs on Nostramus’ album have been written and performed and produced so well that the final product is unmatched smoothness.

The natural feel — the comforting, relaxing vibe that is mixed into this hard rockin’ jungle/electro/dub eclecticity, is probably impossible to replicate. So many people lose sight of their inner self and soul when it comes to electronically produced musics, but here we have a tight jam that deeply connects. I highly recommend you check this out if you want to break it down. Shadow Records, 111 E. 14th St. #334, New York, NY 10003

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