Oren Bloedow

Oren Bloedow

The Luckiest Boy in the World

Knitting Factory

The words for this record have been eluding capture for some time now, all the more frustrating because Bloedow’s music is quite worthy of note. Month after month, I played this record continuously, trying to find a peg to hang it from. Bloedow is definitely coming from a songwriter’s angle, crafting pieces that are unique and detailed both in tune and lyric; fans of Jeff Buckley or Lou Barlow will probably feel right at home. The music has a subdued quality that allows Bloedow’s melodies and lyrics to float effortlessly, yet has more than enough substance to make me marvel at that organ lick, or grinning drum fill. In fact…

Well. Looks like Bloedow’s backing band is Medeski, Martin and Wood. Teach me to read the liner notes first. Makes sense now. Fortunately, Bloedow’s writing, voice and guitar are more than enough of a match for the trio’s talents. Gentle, intoxicating and fascinating, think of this record as the equivalent of a breezy summer evening on the porch, with fine friends and your intoxicant of choice. Slip off your shoes and play it. Tinder Records, 619 Martin Ave., Unit 1, Rohnert Park, CA 94928; http://worldmusic.com/tinder

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