Prime Cuts

Prime Cuts

From Funky Breaks to Funky House


We all know that house music is nothing more then disco on speed with digital tweaking, but at least some sounds original. The stuff on this disc, however, is very generic “dance house music.” Rather boring too. The loops stay rather consistent throughout the entire song, and the effects/samples are pretty lame. There really isn’t much on this disc except for some shitty dance music that the groundlings at the mall will think is progressive and flock to like flies on shit. Aye Carumba.

Maybe it is because a good chunk of the cuts on compilation are from ’92/’93, but all in all this is very stale muzak, unless you want to dance to some disco on 78 rpms.

Thumbs up to the disgusting cover artwork de carne. IRMAmerica, 214 W 29th St., Suite 1002, New York, NY 10001

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