Ray Davies

Ray Davies

The Storyteller


This is a conpilation of mostly live performances, and some studio work, is a necessary item not only for Kinks fans everywhere, but for all those musicians who wonder about the stories behind the songs. Though it would appear that VH-1 has coopted Davies’ concept of the combination concert/lecture, Davies’ approach shines with the passion and inventiveness of having come up with something yourself, and he is indeed a fine and engrossing performer, sucking in listeners into the front room of his childhood London home, where we watch as the Davies boys, eventually to form the Kinks, experience life and music.

A lot of early popular Kinks material is performed — “You Really Got Me,” “Victoria,” “Tired of Waiting,” “Set Me Free” — and while in the context of a concert this might be disappointing, it works extremely well here, as nearly every listener will be familiar with the music, and will be fascinated by the stories set behind these songs. Ray Davies has an unerring instinct for when he’s talked too much and needs to add some music, and The Storyteller is something I can listen to over and over again

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