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Killing Some Dead Time


If you’ve been holding your breath, awaiting the arrival of Norway’s answer to Oasis, you may now exhale. The new import from the land of Vikings and lutefisk is Libido, who make psychedelic, jangly guitar pop with a warped, European English-as-a-second language flavor. Ki_lling Some Dead Time_, Libido’s second full length recording, makes the scene not a minute too soon to save those laden with a heavy dose of rock and roll nostalgia from an avalanche of loud, dissonant feedback romps that some people call music.

Heavily influenced by ’60s godheads such as the Beatles and the Hollies, Libido will not disappoint anyone who longs for the days of “Love Me Do” and “Ticket to Ride.” (Surely it is no coincidence that their publishing company is called Twist and Shout Music). “Overthrown” bursts with a Beatle-esque exuberance and “Blow” whips up a delirious sonic undertow that I would willingly drown in. Sit back now and submit to multiple playings of songs extolling the virtues of girls who intoxicate like supersonic drugs (“Supersonic Daydream”) and ponder the dual-meanings behind the tale of a world “where everyone is Gay” (“Strange News”). Proving that a band can be seductively power-pop and still rock out, lead singer/guitarist Even Johanson, pays homage to the spirit of Jeff Beck with his inspired six-string twiddling on “In My Shadow” and “God’s Guest List.”

With big, thick production that aids this record in its run for 1998’s top ten, Killing Some Dead Time rates up there with the Verve’s Urban Hymns. Valhalla, I am coming. Velvel Records, 740 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

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