Sonics Everywhere

Sonics Everywhere

Various Artists

Possible Records

The number one thing going up against what is known as goth industrial bands is the monotony one experiences when listening to a single particular group’s record in its entirety. The genre is sure to endure, but for now it’s still too infantile to avoid falling in on itself.

This is a choice sampling of various danceable and not so danceable beats, and is a great primer for those considering an investment into this type of music. Sonics Everywhere features seven groups, including industrial stalwarts Scorn, doing 2-4 tracks each between the two discs. The format is killer, and hopefully Possible will seriously consider to keep releasing their artists this way. It’s easy to love this type of music, but listening to one particular artist/artists really has a way of wearing one down when many of these artists rely heavily on a single generic digital drumbeat to build on.

Listening to Sonics Everywhere is somewhat reminiscent of and as significant as a better produced, “trippier” Dry Lungs compilation of the mid-eighties. Possible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, Illinois 60616

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