System 7

System 7



Thump. Thump. Rata tat tat. Thump. Drop it in your back pocket and take it to every club where you feel like dancing. I’ve only heard a handful of stuff from Hypnotic, and the only thing I really liked before System 7 was the first DVOA release, new words machine. System 7 is a long way from the noise products of Mark Spybey. I regret having left Atlanta before Big Top came through with System 7 on the bill. Nine tracks featuring remixes by Youth, Orb, and a few others that don’t ring a bell at all. The names aren’t important, because when you want to dance, it only matter’s if it sounds good. The shortest is almost seven minutes long, but not once do they grow old. A wonderful combination of ethereal sounds, house techno, and beautifully crafted ethnic drum progressions. Heavily programmed, but masterpieces in their own right. You know you want to buy it, so like Nike says: Just Do It! Hypnotic, 1348 Maxella Ave. #251, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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