Techno Breakbeat

Techno Breakbeat

Fast Forward to the New Century


There’s a new king of booty dance music, and IRMA is its name. This compilation put out by the fertile Italian label dishes out a heap of crappy techno dance music that has lots of cheesy “Orlando” sounding breakbeats. But save your fork, there’s pie!

It isn’t all cheesy, but with the first listen (track one, Maux’s “Bounce”) you’ll feel like puking in rhythm with the totally unoriginal, played out, and old beats. There are other cuts on the album though, that are able to break away from the ultra dancey booty shit music sound. Science Force’s “Toys” has some really intrinsically programmed beats in there, Dr. Cool G’s “Clip Your Head” is oddly entertaining with its audio instructions. Then there are cuts that venture into the “tribal” thing weakly, others take to the noisy side like the “Badmotorsidacop” by the Sindacops, whose other cut on the album, “Viva Latveria” is a total winner coping off Towa Tei’s mastery of lounge/bossa nova mixing, only this piece has a beat all its own.

Although it starts off on an incredibly weak note, this compilation does have some decent material on it. But I must warn you that overall it is a bunch of, well? Techno Breakbeats, with “booty” sounding beats, so be careful. Make sure you listen to it before buying it, because you might not be able to hang with all the aerosol cheese that has been sprayed into some of these cuts. Aiy. IRMAmerica, 214 W 29th St., Suite 1002, New York, NY 10001

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