The Derailers

The Derailers

Reverb Deluxe


Tired of turning on country radio and not being able to tell one performer from another? Want to go out and purchase some new music, but you can’t remember the name of anyone you like enough to lay down the money?

Well, the problem isn’t you, it’s your radio. It’s been infected with “big-hat-it is,” a malady that comes about when the entertainment business attempts to force-feed the public endless variations of a limited theme. They figure if you like Garth, you’ll like the same tempo, song topics, and hatwear on somebody else. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s a suggestion of some new music that breaks away from the “I got a new pickup but my girlfriend left me” school of country music.

The Austin, Texas combo The Derailers album, Reverb Deluxe, is a sure thing. Recently seen on Late Night with Conan O’ Brian, and on tour with The Mavericks, this band is gonna be huge. The album features the songwriting talents of the foursome, and allows plenty of room for the group to show off both their instrumental skills (the cut

“Ellen” has some of the finest picking I’ve heard in awhile) to their gorgeous harmonies. The songs revolve around new love, old love, and fixing to be gone love, with standouts “Can’t Stop a Train” and “Come Back” being released as singles. This summer will see the band blazoned across the back of Doritos bags with guitar picks inside, so you tell the buzz is up on these fellows. Be the first on your block to catch onto this Buck Owens-influenced band. You won’t be disappointed.

So the next time you think you can’t stand to turn on the radio again, try this new release out, and let someone else wear the big hat!

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