The Green Goblyn Project

The Green Goblyn Project

The One-Eyed Woman

This band’s been (often unfairly to the listener and the band itself) categorized as “goth,” due to the imagery of the artwork and the band’s stage presence. All in all, Green Goblyn is without a doubt a true hardcore punk band that has simply abandoned the more orthodox and bland methods used today in “appearing as punk.” If anything, GG gives nod to the earlier and more legitimate days of the Misfits, where Halloween and punk culture seemed to have momentarily collided.

In a way Green Goblyn is “goth.” Not in the Anglo-goth sense, but more of a Southern, Swampish, Florida goth. A kinda primordial boggishness that seeps and creeps against the edges of theme parks and along side manned space expeditions.

That’s not to say that there isn’t anything uniquely progressive about Green Goblyn. This tape is checkered with a host of soundscapes, samples, and distinct atmospheric moods and uniquely somber punk arrangements, using acoustic guitars. I’d be the first to agree that maybe the “alien-zombie-punks” thing has probably done to death, but at it’s best there’s something highly accessible about Green Goblyn.

The only thing working against these guys is the production value, but in a way it only serves to further the originality and sincerity of the music — real underground. Besides what d’ya expect for five bucks? You definitely got your money’s worth. Someday maybe somebody smart’ll dump some money into these guys. (Cassette only.) Green Goblyn, 719 Forrest Ave #5, Cocoa, FL 32922

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