The Rehabs

The Rehabs

Rock and Roll Riot Act!

Just Add Water

Fast Cars! Fast Women! Cheap! The Rehabs Read You the Rock and Roll Riot Act!

I had to recite the Rehabs’ creed for you because it’s the perfect description of this out-of-control rock and roll three-piece. Where they heck are they from, oh, here it is, Greenville, South Carolina. Well, that’s a big southern city, just right for breeding wild rock and roll monsters like the Rehabs.

Their brand of rock and roll is nothing short of plain and simple, down and dirty Chuck Berry style floor-stomping all-night-long wolf-howling, etc., etc.

All the songs are fast, furious, and designed to rock the roof off the bar! They’re all about doing manly rock and roll things like “Making Out With Mary,” “Drinkin’ Thunder,” and being a “Rock and Roll Deadbeat!” I took most to “Got A Sweet Tooth,” a song about tasty women, that has a beat I haven’t heard since the “Roadrunner vs. Coyote” theme! Other great rock and roll songs — that you need to experience — include “Leather Jacket Knights” (yes!), “Motor City Weekend,” and “Midnight Strikes (Gotta Dance).” My ideal Rehab fantasy is that after a long night of band and bar hopping, I pull into some after hours club and they blasting out this great rock and roll until dawn. One of the best albums of 1998. Just Add Water Records, P.O. Box 16102, Spartanburg, SC 29316

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