The Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins



About six years ago, a band called Smashing Pumpkins put out an amazing debut entitled “Gish.” That album was full of rockin’ tunes and introduced us to some amazing guitar playing from the unheard of Billy Corgan. That band put out a couple more albums that were less interesting, mainly because Mr. Corgan turned into the typical “my life is so depressing, I’m going to depress you by telling you about it.” Now we have a band called The Smashing Pumpkins, and while it’s the same line-up, sans the drummer (name eludes me), we are still given a plethora of depressing songs. This time, though, it lacks that punch the original band had. Now we have boring techno music that barely revs faster than your standard heartbeat. Snooze city. As for the amazing guitar playing, its not here. The only good thing that I can say about this record is that you get to see D’Arcy’s breasts in the liner notes, not once, but twice. They are nice, supple breasts with hard nipples. I guess they realized that sex sells and the only way to pan off this crap was by getting their only female member to get naked. Also, I find it very troubling that a band that sells millions of records would purposely misspell the title to the song “Appels and Oranjes.” Does Mr. Corgan know that illiteracy is bringing this nation down? Where does he get off doing this kind of crap? With his kind of money, you would think he could afford a fuckin” dictionary. But no, he’s above everyone else, and whether or not you can spell is no worry to him. He’s got his own problems that are much more important, like trying to be original and interesting, which this album is not.

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