Victoria Schultz

Victoria Schultz

Harp Favorites


I must admit to a certain fondness for harp music, although I would admit it only to you, my closest friends. There is a tranquillity, an ethereal white-on-blue naturalness that comes only from this one instrument.

Victoria Schultz has taken some of the finest, and yes, safest, tunes of the modern era and adapted them very nicely to her talented hands. We find within this collection such jewels as “Memory” from Cats, the theme from Romeo and Juliet, and even “Dust in the Wind.” Throughout the CD, however, we never find ourselves bogging down in schmaltz. The renditions are living, breathing creations of musical art.

Victoria has done a fine job of capturing the essence of these tunes without smothering them. This is a great CD for those who like this sort of thing, and there may be more of you out there than we would admit. Harpspun Productions, 425 S. Chickasaw Trail #306, Orlando FL 32825

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