Vitreous Humor

Vitreous Humor



Indie-rock records are a bore to review generally, even though it’s the genre of music that I would say makes up a majority of the soundtrack to my life. Vitreous Humor is a bore as well. This is a posthumous (clever name) release that sounds a lot like the rest of the stuff that’s been coming out of the American Mid-West for years now. They’ve gone on to re-form into an equally uninteresting band called the Regrets. To add further insult to the listener, there’s a sample track by the Regrets at the end of this CD. Shameless self-promotion isn’t very “indie,” is it? From the looks of the record cover, I expected this band to either sound like Weezer or Hootie and the Blowfish. The band lands somewhere in the middle, which is not a good place to call home at all. While Polyvinyl and Slowdime have been going strong, Crank! has been a total disappointment for me lately. Crank! A Record Company, 1223 Wilshire Blvd. #173, Santa Monica, CA 90403;

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