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Volumen Cero



Smashing guitars, a towering bass line, and soaring drums define Andromeda, the debut album by Miami’s Volumen Cero on Grita! Records. Driven by a unique mid-tone voice, this production embraces Anglo/alternative elements with bites of pop, providing a refreshing new sound that sets them apart from the rest of the Latin Rock scene. Rare distorted/melodic songs like “Monica’s Pullman,” “Andromeda,” and “Juguete” stage a Smashing-Pumpkins-meets-Better-Than-Ezra-scenario over which Volumen Cero performs their ’90s distinctive essence. Worth mentioning is “Queen,” a soft introduction that unleashes to a spatial sonic atmosphere; “Navaja,” where the accordion played by guest musician Luis Tamblay, Sr. (singer/bass player’s father) leads to a magnificent Cajun-flavored happy festivity; and “Gigante,” an aggressive grunge attack. The retro-groovy “Fin,” the British-influenced “Maquina Destructiva,” the sad “15 Años,” and other magnificent tunes create an outstanding alternative album without ever losing Volumen Cero’s taste touch. As taking the chance is the full-blooded life of college radio, Andromeda is the greatest opportunity there has ever been for a Latin Rock band to enter such a trendy radio format while providing a new sound to hard-core fans of the unfairly overlooked Latin Rock genre. Volumen Cero’s Andromeda makes you want to learn Spanish. Grita! Records, P.O. Box 1216, New York, NY 10156, ,

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