The Wives are no more! Long live the Wives! And it’s a damn shame, because this explosive album has the potential to make them the Metallica of the Angry Girl Rock Band genre. I’ve followed the Wives for a couple of years now, and well, one had to acquire a taste for their harsh, percussive, heavy, and ugly music. There wasn’t much of a groove, but if you listened carefully you’d get into what was going on on stage. Now, with a new singer and a completely new direction, the Wives are the quintessential all-girl hardcore punk band, hard as, say, the Lunachicks were in 1991.

From the very start, with the “Wives” theme, the songs blast through with punk energy. “Strap Down Tight” and “Fresh Blood” blast out the Wives’ hard attitude and goal-oriented message (namely, they’re cruising for guys to abuse), letting everyone know that they’d better get out of the way or make out their wills! “Ripped” is their cry for help: everything, including their close gets ripped they’re so out of control! “Not This Time” is another warning, this time it’s letting the abusive boyfriend or husband know he’s going to get a crotchful of boot if he doesn’t shape up…

Ripped is so great, so perfect; it’s just a shame that they’re no more. Maybe if they see how well this album does after everyone takes my advice and gets it they’ll reform and tour once again. Plus it has album cover art that will be hard to beat. Produced by the one and only Genya Ravan. CBGB Records, 315 Bowery, New York City, NY 10009

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