Healing with Gemstones and Crystals

Healing with Gemstones and Crystals

by Diane Stein

The Crossing Press

Ever take a notion to indulge yourself in a little twaddle? Perhaps some out and out codswallop? Self-important nonsense? I’ve got just the book for you. Healing With Gemstones and Crystals. It’s a mother lode of folderol. A veritable font of phlogiston. And it’s not shy about any of this either. Here, have a look at the introduction. Literally the first thing in the book you’ll be reading. From the top:

Gemstones and crystals are magickal [sic], in the true meaning of magick [sic] which is defined as being part of the natural wonders of the Earth. Gemstones and crystals are part of the Earth Herself since fully a third of the composition of our Goddess planet is made of quartz, and the silica and water that crystal is composed of are also major components of our physical bodies. Quartz is fossilized water and our bodies are 98 percent water. The Earth’s magnetic field is crystal and gemstone vibrational energy and so is the magnetic field of the human aura. … [lots more of this shit]

Cool, huh? Maybe trot the “numbers” quoted above past some of your friends in the geology department, or perhaps the physics lab, or even the pre-med crowd. Be sure to keep a close watch upon the expressions on their faces as they peruse this little jewel of pseudoscientific buncombe. The rest of the book is just as good as the introduction and nowhere does it relinquish the high ground of flummery that it has staked out for itself.

Despite the self-caricaturizing tone of the cant and dogma that pervades this little treasure, I do believe that Diane Stein actually believes all this crap. Which, I suppose, is just fine for her. So long as she lays off with the flying saucers hiding behind comet Hale-Bopp, leaves my continued possession of my genitalia out of it, and refrains from telling me to put on the black Nikes and purple shroud, I guess it’s OK… I guess

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