From the Publisher

From the Publisher

Gee, thanks!

Some items found in the homes of Tampa-area serial killers include duct tape, lacquer thinner, and a cutting instrument called a “circular saw.” A circular saw is often used by carpenters to build homes.

On June 25, the day before our July issue (“Jerks”) hit the streets, the Tampa Tribune ran a front-page story on “raves,” titled “Dancing With Danger.” This informative piece, besides listing definitions for items like “bottled water” and featuring a photo of “men dancing without their shirts” also had a nice group image of items commonly found at these “raves,” including herbal and vitamin energy tablets, nitrous oxide cartridges (“whippits”) and our June issue.

Now we’ve known for a while that these “ravers” enjoy nothing more than squinting at the tiny type of our reviews section amidst the glare of strobe lights and intellibeams (that is, when they’re not dancing without their shirts), but it’s nice to get some real recognition from an established and trusted publication like the Tampa Tribune. Not every journalist takes the time to go to a “rave club” and grab items willy-nilly. To return the favor, we’ve compositioned a similar photo featuring the Tribune and our lowly intern, Brett Martin, in order to introduce this upstanding pillar of unbiased reporting to our readers in Georgia, and other parts of Florida where the Tribune might not normally be found.

Big Ass Issue

This is our biggest issue ever — 48 pages of music, music and more music. All that Tampa Tribune publicity must be working… thanks, “ravers”!

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