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Hi, I’m writing in response to the review of Adore. The writer makes ridiculous statements regarding the song “Appels + Oranjes,” implying that Billy Corgan needs to buy a dictionary and that he is contributing to the illiteracy of the nation. The writer needs to understand that he is supposed to be doing a review about MUSIC, not about spelling or a band member’s propensity to purchase literary aids or the declining literacy rate among individuals listening to alternative music, etc. FYI, the reason that Mr. Corgan “misspelled” the song title is because there already exists a song titled “Apples and Oranges” by Pink Floyd. Oh, and by the way, the writer should note that he is in fact as guilty of incorrect spelling as Billy Corgan is accused of — the song is spelled “Appels + Oranjes” not “Appels and Oranjes.” Maybe the writer himself is a member of this illiterate group “bringing this nation down.”

Gene Im, via email

To whom it may concern,

I have just recently read a review for The Smashing Pumpkins’ new album Adore in your July issue. I’m not knocking the review because it is a different opinion on the album than I have. It’s just this — not only does the reviewer have a completely close-minded view of the record, but he also is very uninformed. He claims that the misspelling of “Appels & Oranjes” was irresponsible of the Pumpkins since they are so well-known… sorry to burst your bubble, pal, but the real reason for this misspelling is out of respect for Pink Floyd’s early single “Apples and Oranges.” Billy has explained this in quite a few interviews. Also, accusing the band of trying to sell sex by showing artistic pictures of the band members is a really shallow and low blow… describing D’Arcy’s breasts is also pretty vulgar and immature. Ink 19, you’ve just lost a reader thanks to a very unintelligent reviewer.


Christian Gimeno, via email

Gene and Christian– I am sorry that my opinion is keeping you from reading the best new music magazine that can be found, and that my immaturity offends you. To make my apologies sincere, I invite you (the next time you are in the Melbourne area) to come see my band. I will leave backstage passes for you and a guest, along with a $20.00 bar tab. The name of my band is Pynk Floid. Out of respect for that other band, I decided to misspell the name because I am not creative enough nor am I intelligent enough (which you pointed out) to come up with my own name. In all seriousness, there should be no excuse for illiteracy. –Drew Id

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