Buck O Nine

Buck O Nine

Pass The Dutchie


Fresh off the heels of their successful debut, Twenty Eight Teeth, ska-punks Buck O Nine release a six-song EP featuring a cover of the Eighties’ tykes who passed the Dutchie and the “Hot Party Mix” of “Twenty Eight Teeth.”

Although the whole ska scene has exploded of late, Buck O Nine have maintained a subdued mainstream success. “My Town” saw limited airplay last year, but there was no follow-up single. Whether or not making the “big time” is even in their game plan, I believe Buck O Nine to be one of the top players in the genre. Their rhythms and horns are as crisp and tight as you will find. The guitar simply adjusts as needed — emphasizing punk or laying low in the rhythm section.

I’m not sure if this release is an advance for an upcoming full-length or something to tide us over until then. Whatever the case, it’s another winner! TVT Records, 23 East 4th St., New York, NY 10003

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