Falling Sickness

Falling Sickness

Because the World Has Failed Us Both


Snot-nosed punk rock that sends a confusing message: working hard with a goal is “ok” (“Gonna Try”). Today’s punk rock “stars” are tomorrow’s old farts, badly in need of a life (“Seein’ Stars”). Well, if you didn’t become a punk rocker you might have a life (“Life of the Party”). Wait, being a punk rocker is cool, isn’t it? (“Floorspace”)

“Still Thirsty” is a great upbeat punk tune that explores what our society has done to destroy the desire to go far in people. The lyrics say that “… there’s a fountain indie of you/overflowing by the seconds to flood your empty life/sharpen out the dullness you’ve been programmed to deny… ” I think that’s a brilliant exposé of what those in power are doing by down-playing the natural competitiveness and drive in young men. Also, the evils one fill our minds with slick Hollywood images and then tell us that this lifestyle is achievable without a fight, the exact opposite of what’s true, the end result being less for those with the power to fight against… “Still Thirsty” further attacks the punks themselves as slaves to counter-culture or “safely pinned to philosophy” which only makes you a conformist anyway. Musically, you’ll find it a filled with good melodic guitars and vocals, but the message is damn powerful.

Fourteen songs in all, plenty of punk rock and plenty to think about. Hopeless Records, P.O. Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495

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