Hasidic New Wave

Hasidic New Wave

Psycho Semitic

JAM/Knitting Factory

Bonus points for the title. Kicking off with a shofar and saxophone improvisation, Psycho Semitic quickly establishes itself as something outside the traditional Jewish music jazz freakout. Not quite klezmer, not quite Zorn’s fantastically free-forms, Hasidic New Wave finds a common ground behind traditionally Jewish musical elements and a fascinatingly complex jazz approach, free at times, rigid at others. Exuberant with brass, introspective with wobbly guitar lines, about every emotion you can think of is wrung out of the context. Each song clearly features a player’s talents, and each takes the lead without taking center stage — the playing is fantastic. Not just for the Chosen. Knitting Factory Works, 74 Leonard St., New York, NY 10013; http://www.knittingfactory.com

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