Lower Class Brats

Lower Class Brats

Rather Be Hated Than Ignored


Understanding that calling yourselves the “Droogs” has already been done by an alternative supergroup a few years ago, they picked this somewhat unfortunate name. Unfortunate, because any time I see the word “brat” in an all-male punk band, I immediately think they’re aping the New York Dolls. How wrong I was. The Lower Class Brats have dedicated themselves to one of my all-time favorite films, and one that makes many other lists of consequence, A Clockwork Orange. (Like me, I think they read the book, too.)

Musically, it sounds like they’re a bunch of snot-nosed English punks who stepped out of 1977. It turns out they’re from Austin, Texas (write `em at P.O. Box 4333, Austin, TX 78765). On the lyrics side of things, this is a man-sized crast! But first, let me drink a bunch of this knifey milk plus! The first three songs are good punk anthems about false punk. The first song, “Who Writes Your Rules (For Rebellion)” really gets right in the face of the trendoid kids who actually buy into the strange fashions somebody wants them to wear and their strange desire to beg on the street for money. I see this every time I go to a punk show! Clean white kids with expensive punk clothes and elaborate tattoos (those things cost megabucks, dude) begging for spare change.

The real gemstones on this album, though, are “Ultra-Violence” and “Clockwork Fuse.” “Ultra-Violence” is the first few scenes of the A Clockwork Orange, where Alex and his three droogs, hanging out at the Korova milk bar, trying to make up their razoodocks what to do with the evening… Which, as you well should know, culminates in a ballet of ultra-violence. “Clockwork Fuse” follows up to “Ultra-Violence,” but speaks more from the voice of frustrated, unguided, and very, very dangerous youth. That is, a gang of steel-booted punk thugs out to kick some ass.

Other great songs include “Addicted to Oi!” and “Bite the Bullet.” Great music and great lyrics. GMM Records, P.O. Box 15234, Atlanta, GA 30333

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