The Floor

28 Days/Ryko

All female novelty act? Cookie-cutter riot grrls? Angry suburban chicks? FYI: “Fuck off, idiot,” say Moxie. These are four ladies that got together to play music for the novel reason that they thought it would be fun. And Moxie has elevated the over-used ’90s DIY credo to a pragmatic level in that they do it themselves because that’s the way to get things done: whether it’s soliciting national press coverage, securing Ryko/Polygram distribution, or organizing an industry boat ride around Manhattan. Vocal duties are shared capably by guitarist Farrell Burk (“Once a friend always a friend has been my law, now it’s time to repeal it” – “The Floor”); bassist Wendy Motchen (“You look so funny. You dress alike. You sound the same” – “Suburbia”); and percussionist Katy Cocozzello (“You find my weak spot and you tear it out of me” – “Got Me Coming”); and drummer Lindsey Weinstein is not just some chick behind the kit complementing the gender continuum. Step right up folks: a real live drummer.

The color of the CD reminds me of one of those dandy Chupa-Chups lollipops, and Moxie music is just as tasty. Hit the floor.

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