No Fraud

No Fraud

The Classics Reissued

Truth Music

The introduction to “Blowing Chunks” is… always… hilarious. There is no pretentious poseur-punk junk on this 24-song anthology disc. This is the real thing. There is a very bipolar and highly-lateralized sense of life/tone in the lyrics on this album. Regardless of the inherent abundance of negativity included, I will always give Mr. Destructo credit for being honest in expressing his genuine self 24-hours a day. Here are some of the lyrics that I found very enjoyable: “Baby’s eyes so clear. What will soon be there? Existence is torture if not allowed to expand, to grow and learn or the mind — it will slow. Parents and food, they all play a part… I long for that child’s happiness but don’t want that lack of control. Realized growth is so intriguing; leaves no time for bitterness.” “My time is precious, my time is divine. I never let a wasted second of my life go by. I’m always on the go, forever on the move, doing something constructive, cuz there’s so much to lose. I gotta job and I work to make money, and I know some people will find that funny, but the government fucks up and wastes my taxes, on things I don’t believe in and political bashes. So if you don’t wanna become what I’m singing about, if you’re on the road to it, then change your route, always try to improve yourself, and when you do it pride will be felt.” “Don’t live in fear of death, you hold back and you’ll come up short. Life’s full of experience, get it all, it’s so intense.” Truth Music, 475 Foxglove Rd., Venice, FL 34293, (941) 485-5238,

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