Orbiting Cathedrals


Bill Leeb is certainly as artistically prolific as his sound is characteristic. Pro>Tech, his latest addition to the lengthy list of side projects, has him teaming up with current Front Line Assembly cohort Chris Peterson to produce an electro-industrial act in the same vein as Noise Unit. If you are looking for a new sound in the Leeb arsenal, look elsewhere — this group IS Noise Unit, without Rhys Fulber. Most likely Bill wanted to separate from his efforts with Rhys in Noise Unit, so he changed the name, but the music remains the same.

Most of the eight songs on Orbiting Cathedrals are very reminiscent of the NU electronica album, Decoder. The entirely instrumental album is filled with multiple layers of rhythms and ethereal blips and bleeps, undeniably of Leeb manufacture. Most of the drum beats have appeared on his other albums, and some of the samples sounded like they came straight off the latest FLA release! If the goal was to produce an album using recycled samples, they succeeded.

While there may be nothing new about this album, it is a strong first side project release for the Leeb/Peterson duo. I enjoyed listening to it as background music at work, and it makes an excellent driving album. If you like electronica and don’t own NU’s Decoder album, or if you’re simply a Leeb-head like me and try to buy everything he releases, go out and pick this one up.

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