G-String Swing

Pacific Force

There’s a scene in the James Bond film Goldfinger where the arch-criminal Auric Goldfinger, in a speech to some the USA’s most promising gangsters, explains his desire to achieve world prominence in crime. He says something like, “… never before has anything been attempted… ” etc., etc. The point is that he is taking crime to a new level.

Vinnie Spit, on this latest album, is taking pornographic music to that higher level. It wasn’t enough to go as far as possible with it in “hard” rock or electronic music. No, he had to reach for that extra mile and attack the world of with this most awesome collection of porno-swing. Yes, this is a vile collection of pure pornographic swing music.

Not just for swing fanatics, G-String Swing contains thirteen of the most disgusting, horrible, gross, and downright nasty porn songs any “normal” human could conceive of. It appears that 85% of them are dedicated to satisfying Mr. SPIT’s appetite for a woman’s posterior orifice (“Asshole Man,” “Rear-End Her Back”), 10% to having the babes relish Mr. SPIT’s manhood (including “A Dick Like Mine,” where the two babes he ravishes end up “bobbitizing” him, and “Chupa Mi Verga” — I won’t translate… ). And the remaining 5%, “Roses” and “World Torture Me,” are really the products of a man who should not be allowed out of a padded cell. They go beyond simple, “harmless” porn and delve into the world of blasphemous living; I contend that the Marquis de Sade was channeling through Mr. SPIT the night these were written.

Certainly destined to be a classic, AND you can fool your grandparents into thinking you like “their” kind of music, all the while polluting their minds with this utter filth! That is, if you so desire. Pacific Force, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 477, Hollywood, CA 90028; VinnieSPIT@aol.com.

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