The Hookers

The Hookers

Satan’s Highway

Scooch Pooch

Evil with a capital “E” punk with roots deep in the world of Mötörhead and Elvis Hitler!

The Hookers have an advantage over most bands in that, besides liking to play evil metal-rockabilly, er “metalabilly,” they’ve allowed themselves to be photographed wearing Black Sabbath and Pantera T-shirts.

The bottom line is that the Hookers are rock and roll demons right out of a Jack Chick tract and have no fear! Man, “Back Alley Trash” has the feel of the Didgits covering “Rocka Rolla”! This rocks!

I can just imagine the Devil getting into a souped-up GTO and speeding down the highway listening to “Tear You Apart,” “Take You Down With Me” and “Soul Taker.” I mean, remember the scene in Blue Velvet where Frank is cruising down the road in his Charger listening to “Radar Love”? Well, had the Hookers released this album twelve years ago, Frank would’ve been playing “Satan’s Highway” or “Baby, You’ll Regret Me.” “Welcome the Beast” speaks for itself. This is evil music from the land of Kentucky, land of the worst drivers in the United States, where they must like their rock and roll unforgiven. Write the band at P.O. Box 54584, Lexington, KY 40555. Oh, before I go, The LORD rebuke you, Satan! Scooch Pooch, 323 Broadway E #405, Seattle, WA 98102

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