The Hunger

The Hunger

Cinematic Superthug


This band has come up with a winner in their first internationally-distributed release. Superthug finds the band experimenting with a more strongly guitar based sound. The synthesizers are still here. But at times they’re relegated to doing little intros and fills. More of the tearing, slashing guitars reside here.

From the first, this is new mainstream alternative-rock that has a distinctly accessible aura. “Free” seems to mate Def Leppard and Sonic Youth influences. The title track just plain rocks. “Moderation” seems a bit repetitive — yet isn’t that what alcoholism’s all about? Repeating mistakes ad infinitum? “Ray” takes the mysterious disappearance of a friend and goes off on it. Reminds one of the Lemonheads’ “It’s a Shame About Ray” while referring to the Kinks and Led Zeppelin in the same song.

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