World Standard

World Standard

Country Gazette


Burn my britches. It’s rare that an artist gets to do something first, and at the same time, get it right. World Standard’s brand of eerie, dark Nebraska track is frightening in its completeness, its total togetherness. The introductory banjo ambient piece (yeppers!) is followed by howling midnight banshees whirling around a loop out of Sukia. Did someone leave the radio on? That feeling of driving a narrow road in country darkness, measured crops picketing by the windshield like a badly-threaded projector, your twin cones of headlights defining the confines of a very simple and limited reality… you feel you can drive forever. Crafted country, ambient like a cricket night, from two Japanese, an Anglo and, ehm, Mina. Set it on repeat. Ark 21, 3520 Hayden Ave., Culver City, 90232

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