Issue #1

Slave Labor Graphics

“River of Shit!” exclaims Dylan as our story opens. It’s the punchline to some sort of joke we never get to hear — I mean read. As our story develops, Dylan and Clay find themselves confronting relationship depression and general malaise with alcohol and a frat party. Developing an affinity towards the pig being roasted on a spit, running off with it (much to the fraternity’s irritation) and ending up trashing Clay’s car. The action is not as much of a caricature as, say, Hate, but it’s still pretty humorous, and more than a touch realistic despite its improbability. I’m sure everyone’s been in similar difficult-to-explain situations. The remainder of the comic book (about half) has an interesting variety of material, from slice-of-life phone conversations to one-pagers on goth chicks, the “third wave” of ska, Sid the Punk Kid and a 6th grade vignette, along with the obligaory smart-ass letters page. A pretty good read. Slave Labor Graphics, 325 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

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