Divine Love Mission

Divine Love Mission

The Roxy, Ft. Lauderdale • August 15, 1998

Divine Love Mission are not your ordinary gothic rock band. These guys will leave a very memorable impression on you, one you’ll never forget. Similar in sound to London After Midnight, Inaura, and Malaise, this band has a new and improved line up, featuring Nathan on guitars (from the LA band the Guttercats, who were featured on the TV show Married With Children some years ago), Shanyn on keyboards, who was formerly playing drums for the band, and bass player Robbie, who now does the vocals. Clever musical talent and good songwriting matched with a very outlandish stage presence, these guys took the crowd at the Roxy by storm with their fantastic bubble machine, a show Mr. Bubble himself would have been proud of. There were bubbles everywhere, floating around near the stage lit by blacklights and candles, which really set the mood for the show. Dressed to kill, they performed some of their hits, such as “Good Night,” “Eva Braun,” “Morality” (a song very indicative of their style), “Wasteland,” “Subway,” and “Bleach Away,” one of my faves of theirs. Shanyn did the lead vocals on the classic “This Could Be Love,” and he sounded wonderful. Their final song of the night was the cheerful “Happy Little Pop Song,” which was reminiscent of a Prince song. Don’t dare miss this exciting and wild band with a great live show at Club Sin on September 5 and also at the Viper Bar on September 12, both in Ft. Lauderdale. You’ll be in for a big treat and a show you’ll never forget!

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