Orlando Fairgrounds • August 6, 1998

Although they have been around since 1991, many an East Coaster was pleasantly surprised when this band took side stage. For those lucky enough to slip away from Rev. Horton Heat’s set or be in the right area at the right time, Filibuster proved themselves as one of the major highlights at Warped Tour ’98. With the ska/punk sound reigning supreme this year (Bosstones, Rancid, Mad Caddies, etc), it was Filibuster who had the freshest and most original approach.

Filibuster tore into their allotted 30 minutes with a killer mix of punk, ska, reggae, and a turntablist DJ who was scratching and beat mixing into each song. It may seem a strange musical melting pot in print, but the truth is these guys mix a lethal dose that killed! The crowd was taken aback at the talent and precision of the group’s set. Nothing was spared — horns a-plenty, solid vocals with some rhymes included, 2 turntables, and a microphone! This is one justification for the “festival” concerts — if you have enough bands, surely you will uncover a jewel in the rough. Such is the case with Filibuster, whose recent alliance with Skunk Records may be the catalyst they need to hurl them to rock greatness (a little melodramatic, yes, but Filibuster kicks it harder than most!). For more info, check out

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