Pompano Beach Amphitheater • August 5, 1998

In an atmosphere filled with more punk rock than a block party on Telegraph Avenue, an appearance by the always enjoyable and delightful Hepcat was more than just a treat, it was a blessing. Taking to a stage that had just seen the epic battle of good vs. evil in the form of the Aquabats, Hepcat said hello to the hot and sweaty crowd and began to play “The Secret,” a beautiful song off their new album, Right On Time. For the next half an hour (a block of time that every band had to adhere to, which was disappointingly short in Hepcat’s case), their sounds of traditional ska and the smooth vocals of Greg Lee and Alex Desert were comparable to half an hour’s worth of free ice cream in that blazing summer sun. (And I hate to write metaphorically, but that’s pretty accurate) Their set was about a 70/30 split of songs off the new record and picks from the first two, stopping along the way to talk to the crowd or make fun of the “No Profanity” rule that was so adamantly posted around the stage. Disappointingly, they skipped over their catchy song “Bobby and Joe,” but still treated the crowd to favorites like “No Worries,” “Marcus Garvey,” and a new one about a lost love. Not only does Hepcat play beautiful music, but some of these boys can dance, too. During a solo in one of the songs, Alex and trumpeter Kincaid Smith broke out into a little choreographed dance as the crowd cheered them on. The set blew by, and when it was done, Hepcat had really made me “boogie bump” more than anything else the Warped Tour had to offer. Like their album’s title implies, they really were Right On Time.

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