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Park Series

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Marshall Amplification announces the introduction of the Marshall Park Series of entry-level amplifiers. Designed, engineered and quality controlled by Jim Marshall’s British R & D Team, these new amplifiers also share Marshall’s 35-plus years of amplifier innovation and know-how. The series includes four models: the G10MKII ($99.99) is a 10-watt guitar combo amp featuring a gain control, boost switch, contour control that sweeps the mid-band, master volume control, headphone output and custom-voiced six-inch speaker. The G15RCD ($179.99) is a 15-watt guitar combo boasting twin gain controls; treble; contour and bass controls; reverb; headphone output; a line output; a CD input, which allows the user to play along with his or her favorite compact discs; and a custom-voiced eight-inch speaker. The G30RCD ($259.99) is a twin-channel 30-watt guitar combo with reverb. Its two channels, clean and overdrive, are foot-switchable. The clean channel has controls for treble, bass and volume, while the Overdrive Channel has controls for gain, volume, contour, treble and bass. A line output, Headphone Output and CD Input are also included. The G215RCD ($329.99) is a 2×15 Watt stereo chorus combo amplifier with reverb, twin gain controls plus contour, treble and bass controls. The stereo chorus has controls for speed and depth. Also included in the G215RCD are a line output, headphone output, CD input and two custom-voiced eight-inch speakers. And finally, the B25MK.II ($249.99) is a 25-watt bass combo amplifier with twin inputs, volume, bass, middle and treble controls, master volume control, headphone output and a ruggedly built, custom-voiced ten inch bass speaker. Marshall Amplification, 316 South Service Rd., Melville, NY 11747

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