Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front

Something’s Gotta Give


Considering the tragedy surrounding one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time, from the jail time to the tragic death of drummer Ray “Raybeez” Barbieri last year, it’s a tribute to the lifestyle Agnostic Front might well have invented that they’re around to re-form and belt out their seminal brand of hardcore.

The hardcore requires a life of devotion to the extended hardcore family, and that life includes facing betrayal with bravery (“Before My Eyes” and “The Blame”), it demands accountability and the fortitude to administer justice (“Blinded” and “No Fear”), and all the time there’s the pain that simply will not go away, but must be released (“Voices,” “Rage,” and “Bloodsucker”). Hardcore means marching guitars, just like on every song on this album! Well, we’ll not worry about their humorous “Pauly the Beer Drinking Dog”!

These songs are from the heart of the outcast youth, “Believe” says “Believe I live this life, because I know hardcore’s the way!” Guests on this album include Jimmy Gestapo, Tim and Lars from Rancid as well as producer Billy Milano! There’s a version of “Crucified” on this album as well; the most intense hardcore anthem ever recorded! Epitaph Records, 2789 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90026

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