Dash Rip Rock

Dash Rip Rock


PC Music

If anxiety over a lack of commercial success caused them to take this new direction, it was wasted effort. This CD will disappoint DRR fans and leave outsiders lukewarm. A couple of the tunes are typical Dash material, but just when the groove starts to happen, the commercial pap comes along and dashes it.

Their rendition of the old country blues standard “Singin’ the Blues” is terrific, as is “She’s Got a Lot Of,” which will be familiar to anyone fortunate to have caught a live DRR show. The remaining dozen cuts are a waste of disc space. They ain’t bad, but they sure ain’t good.

We can all hope this talented trio soon realizes their error and returns to the tried and true path. PC Music, 711 8th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101

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