dead voices on air

dead voices on air

piss frond


The growth and evolution of dvoa has been one of magnificent proportions. From the ambient noises of new words machine to illbient influenced how hollowed heart, I have consistently listened along to what many refer to as Dr. Spybey’s lectures. With piss frond, Mark Spybey combines every element of dvoa, both live and recorded, into the most cohesive product I could ever imagine. Two CDs of pure ethereal beauty, and Spybey even breaks down to singing on “Sulphur” (which if you pick up the Neu! homage disc, beat mixes perfectly with the Autechre track!). Someday, I will drop everything just to follow along with the Doctor across the globe. If you picked up Invisible’s Drug Test 1 and enjoyed dvoa live, I urge you to buy this album. It will create a higher level of consciousness in your life, and make it all the more bearable. Invisible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616;

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