DJ Fucar

DJ Fucar

Sleep Music

Davies Productions

Mad bass in your face and you’re melting into a deep slumber. I can best compare this album to the slow etherealness of Scorn. However, Fucar takes it one step farther and drops almost total live drums across the board. You’ll have a hard time realizing it though, because of the super slick style. The hardest aspect to come to grips with was Fucar’s status as a veteran of Detroit Punk, but like Mick Harris, it has only served to create probably yet another of my top albums of ’98. My advise reads like a doctor’s prescription: take one CD and play constantly at all hours as loud as your stereo will allow. By the end of the week, everyone in your neighborhood is going to be dropping in to hang with the cool cats on the block. Davies Productions, 7275 Maxwell, Warren, MI 48091;

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